Hangover Irritability

It's no secret that people can be irritable when they're hungover. But what is it about a hangover that makes people so grumpy? And more importantly, is there anything you can do to avoid feeling irritable after a night out?

Hangover Fatigue

Hangover Hammer's best tips to combat hangover fatigue. Go from feeling like you aren't moving off the couch, to out and about! Check it out inside.

Hangover Headaches

A hangover headache is a very common side effect of drinking alcohol. In this blog, we dig into the how, why, and what to do to knock out your headache from drinking!

Hangover Cures - The Breakdown

You go out drinking with your friends, have too much to drink, and the next day you’re paying for it with a hangover. You search for a cure, and you find hundreds of products claiming to remove all the effects of alcohol. But you have to wonder, is there such thing as a real hangover cure? Or are all of these products just a waste of money?