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5 Tips for Rapid Recovery Hangover Relief in 2021



Are you tired of that next-day drag after a long-deserved night out? We've all been there. The morning starts with a massive hangover headache, can't eat because the leftover alcohol still has you queasy, you have work in a few hours and all you can think about is how you just want to go back to bed. If you give us a few minutes of your time we are confident we can make your next hangover morning your BEST hangover morning ever. These 5 Tips for Rapid Recovery Hangover Relief will have you out of your bed and back in action in no time.


5 Tips For Rapid Recovery Hangover Relief


#1 - Preparation/Prevention


#2 - Supplement


#3 - Rehydrate


#4 - Ya Snooze, or Ya Lose.


#5 - It Burns!


Rapid Hangover Relief Tip #1:
Hangover Preparation And Prevention

It never hurts to make preparations before a night out drinking. If you are going to be consuming alcohol, drink plenty of water and eat your food beforehand. Your stomach will thank you for not having space where all the alcohol is being absorbed right away into it - this means less time waiting for drinks that may or may not have any. Eat the highest fatty foods before drinking alcohol as possible.

We must fuel our bodies with the nutrients it needs to process all those toxins being released as part of our pre-hangover routine. Plan ahead and buy some hangover relief supplements, like Hangover Hammer. if you can. These will give your body the nutrients it needs to recover from a night on the town with friends.

Rapid Hangover Relief Tip #2:
Vitamins & Electrolytes for Rehydration


That moment when the vitamins kick in...

Electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and calcium help the body retain fluids. When you are dehydrated after a night of drinking alcohol, your electrolyte levels will go down too - making that hangover worse. You can replenish them by eating bananas or salty foods such as chips and pretzels in addition to taking supplements like the ones found in Hangover Hammer. Our patented hangover pills were created to get crush those hangover symptoms and get you back on your feet as fast as possible.

We have all been there before, but now we have science and data on our side to minimize the effects of your hangover!

Rapid Hangover Relief Tip #3:
Drink ALL The Water. Yes, All of it.

Water is the best way to rehydrate your body. Without it, you'll be in for an uncomfortable night and a worse hangover. Drink water before bedtime (if not earlier) and throughout the next day to stay fully hydrated. It's also important that you drink plenty of fluids while drinking alcohol - this will help slow down the absorption of alcohol and can reduce the risk of getting a hangover.

Rapid Hangover Relief Tip #4:
Hangover Nap


Rest anywhere, but your bed is recommended.

This is important for two reasons - one, you'll feel better after an adequate amount of sleep; and two, your body's natural immune system will work to clean up the toxins that are causing you pain. A nap has also been proven to work well versus some symptoms like hangover nausea and irritability. If you're not feeling up to sleeping or don't have that long, try a quick nap (15-30 mins). Every minute you give your body to rest the better off you will be.

Keep your bedroom as dark and cool as possible (ideally about 65 degrees), which is the perfect temperature for sleep. Some studies suggest drinking lemon water before bed can help you sleep - try it and see!

Rapid Hangover Relief Tip #5:


This isn't the best way to get sunlight...

As painful as it may be, 15 minutes of sunlight can make a world of difference on a hangover morning. The sun will help your body produce vitamin D, which can reduce inflammation in the brain and prevent further fatigue from drinking.

Final Advice For Your Hangover + Bonus!

We understand that you likely won't be able to fit in all these tips on the morning of your hangover. Hopefully, though you will remember a few. Even combining two of these five will bring tremendous relief to your next hangover.

No matter what you do to try and relieve your hangover, it will never be solved without drinking plenty of fluids. We must replace the lost fluid from our bodies because dehydration can lead to more health problems like headaches and dizziness.

For the best defense, we recommend you utilize all 5 tips in combination with Hangover Hammer. While there is no single hangover cure, we make sure you will never fear your hangovers again.

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