Phil Knight – Chief Technical officer

A practicing pharmacist for over 50 years in the Dept Of Veterans Affairs as a Regional Director of Pharmacy. He has also taught pharmacology and clinical pharmacy for over 15 years, as well as serving as Director of VA and DOD accounts for Eli Lilly. Currently he is the Consultant and Clinical Director at Health Care Systems. Phil holds four patents around pharmaceutical formulations and delivery systems. Phil is passionate about creating better health for humanity and gets much of his inspiration through traveling to many parts of the world.

Bill Tumlin – President/CEO

A graduate of Auburn University where he did his undergraduate and graduate work. His career started in the pharmaceutical industry with McNeil Pharmaceutical holding progressive sales and management roles. Bill left to become an entrepreneur and  started a real estate/construction company, later joined a family member in the financial services industry to start PhoneCashUSA, and in 2006, joined Phil Knight at LCM Pharmaceutical as President/CEO. Bill is inspired by the worldwide need for simple rehydration products and providing to those in need.

LCM Pharmaceutical, Inc. was formed in 1996
Patented Electrolyte Rehydration formulation in April 2014

Hangover Hammer ®

Better Science. Better Results!

Our patented formula of Electrolytes and Soluble Pure Acacia Gum plus *Low Dose Caffeine (72mg), Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid creates a highly effective and efficient hangover relief product that assists with the rapid recovery from dehydration and the associated negative effects caused by drinking alcoholic products. 

Hangover Hammer Provides: 

  • Patented Formula
  • Higher Content Electrolytes for Balanced Hydration
  • Low Dose Energy Source for Increased Alertness
  • Acacia Fiber for Digestive Health Support
  • Vitamins for Health and Wellness
  • No Artificial Favors
  • Less Than 3 Calories
  • Less Than 1 Carb

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Comparisons Per 8 Ounces (237 ml)