Q. What’s in Hangover Hammer’s patented formula?

A. Our patented formula combines higher levels of essential electrolytes like sodium and potassium including calcium, chromium, and magnesium.  We’ve added pure acacia gum, vitamins B6, B9 and B12.  We’ve also included an energy source in the form of lose dose (72 mg) caffeine.  Skeptical about low dose caffeine?  You shouldn’t be….click on this link to find out why it’s just as effective as the high caffeine “shots” and safer.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/05/040512041022.htm

Our patented formula was designed to enhance hydration, increase absorption, and maximize efficacy. Have more questions about science or ingredients? Feel free to ask our in-house scientist anything. Reach out to sales@hangoverhammer.com

Q. Does Hangover Hammer really work?

A. Yes and we understand why you’re asking given all of the “hangover cures” on the market today.  Hangover Hammer is totally different.  So different, in fact, it is patented.  You can click here to view patent.  Additionally, we are so confident you will love it that if you don’t, we will give you your money back.

Q. Will Hangover Hammer prevent intoxication?

A. No. Hangover Hammer does not prevent intoxication or enhance sobriety.  Please drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel if you’ve consumed alcohol.

Q. When should I take Hangover Hammer?

A. For best results, just remember the “3 R’s” and we don’t mean “Reading, Riting and Rithmetic”! but rather “Revel….Rehydrate….Recover!  Take four (4) capsules with 8-12 fl oz of water the next morning.  New users may wish to assess tolerance with two (2) capsules first.

Q. What does it taste like?

A. Hangover Hammer capsules have no taste, less than 1 g. sugar per serving, and less than 3 calories per serving.

Q. Can I take Hangover Hammer if I have dietary restrictions?

A. Hangover Hammer is free from soy, gluten, nuts, lactose, and artificial flavors. We do not use any animal byproducts.

Q. Can I travel with Hangover Hammer?

A. Hangover Hammer is packaged in a 3 x 4 inch waterproof foil pouch and is carry-on approved.  Should you be checked by a security agent, just let them know that Hangover Hammer is a dietary supplement and you will be good to go.  It is also ideal for carrying just about anywhere because it is so lightweight.  One or two pouches fit easily in either a pocket or purse.

 Q. Is Hangover Hammer non-GMO and gluten-free:

A. Yes.

Q. Where is it manufactured?

A. Hangover Hammer is manufactured in Norcross, GA with all ingredients coming from the United States.

Q. Can I take Hangover Hammer for events other than recovering from a Hangover?

A. Yes.  Because Hangover Hammer contain electrolytes at levels accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) for recovery from mild to moderate dehydration, it is ideal as a pre-workout and post-workout supplement.   The added lose dose caffeine also provides a boost of energy prior to or after your workouts.

Q. Can I take Hangover Hammer while on medication?

A. Every individual is different and so is every medication, so we recommend talking to a medical physician before use.

Q. Is Hangover Hammer FDA approved?

A. By law, the FDA does not approve dietary supplements.  However, they do regulate them.  We follow the FDA’s guidance and are compliant with all rules and regulations.  These regulations require that each batch of Hangover Hammer is tested for identity, purity, and strength to make sure it meets pre-established quality specifications.  That way you can be sure that every packet of Hangover Hammer meets our high standards and is safe to consume by our customers.

 Q. Is Hangover Hammer regulated by the FDA?

A. Yes.  Hangover Hammer is considered a dietary supplement and as such our package labeling, ingredients and manufacturing quality are regulated by the FDA pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

 Q. Is Hangover Hammer safe?

A. Yes.  Our product contains electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, soluble dietary acacia gum and low dose caffeine (only 72 mg in one serving).

Q. Is Hangover Hammer considered a drug?

A. No.  It is considered a dietary supplement.

Q. Does Hangover Hammer contain common food allergens?

A. Hangover Hammer is made with vegetarian capsules and DOES NOT contain eggs, dairy, fish, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, or artificial flavors.  Please read through the ingredient list carefully and discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects.

Q. Can I take Hangover Hammer in addition to a multivitamin?

A. Yes.  However, each person is different and each multivitamin is different so we recommend you look carefully at the ingredient list and speak to your physician if you have any questions or concerns.